From War to Peace

The Longest Journey

Coming home is the hardest part of war.


As soldiers, we dealt with death every day. As returning warriors we must deal with life. Learning to live with PTSD is only part of reintegration. I was a soldier in the Vietnam War. Writing my first novel, Secret Choices, was the first step towards home. I started Dragon Tale Books, published my novel then began this website where I gather articles, essays, books, and poetry that I hope will start veterans and their families on a journey home.

Secret Choices Book cover - Tom Puetz

Learn About My Book

Secret Choices

Secret Choices, a novel based on the life of the author, shows the personal costs of war and follows a combat veteran through a different kind of battle.

Secret Choices Book cover - Tom Puetz

Read My Poetry

Learn about Family, Combat Rage, and Moral Injury.

My poems share the personal cost of war; the loss of the returning soldier’s ability to have an intimate relationship.

Secret Choices Book cover - Tom Puetz

Tom's Blog

My Blog is my personal soap box to talk about the Costs of War, Families and PTSD, Post Traumatic Growth, and more importantly Success Stories.

Won’t you let me share my journey with you?

Secret Choices Book cover - Tom Puetz


This is a collection of articles, publications, and organizations discussing the true costs of war, domestic violence, addiction, new treatments for PTSD, moral injury, veteran reintegration, and Post Traumatic Growth.

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