Forty-one men on the Kill List were targeted by drone strikes. 1147 people were killed, and six of the targets are still alive.

The military calling drone strikes surgical is absurd. In the case of Baitullah Mehsud,  seven drone strikes were made, and 164 people were killed before he was killed. Said al‐Shihri Got lucky. He was the target of four drone strikes, which killed fifty-seven people, but he is still alive.

Executive Order 11905  (1976) was meant to improve oversight of political assassinations by the CIA. Executive Order 12036  specifically banned political assassination. Those in favor of drone strikes would argue that the individuals on the kill list are not official political leaders. The United Nations has questioned the legality of the US. drone strikes. This has revealed some gray areas. To continue killing when there are gray areas is just not right.

Drone strikes are immoral, illegal and ineffective. They produce more jihadists than they kill. War has not been declared, so we should not have troops in hostile territory or be killing with the use of our military.

©Tom Puetz 2019

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