I journeyed wide with fateful steps when I was in my prime.
I didn’t think of path or purpose or direction I should find.
I don’t remember choosing the way that I would turn.
I went barefoot, and with boots on, I’d trudge and walk and run.

There were some fateful steps I took without a thought.
I can’t tell you how much I spent on all the shoes I bought.
I fought my way through jungles, wondered shifting sand.
It never once occurred to me to stop and take a stand.

Always moving down a path was a way that I could be.
Now I stop and settle in and see what I can see.
The path or place I find myself, In sunlight or in shade,
Was not determined by my fate but by the choices that I made.

I am not the path I walk along nor the kind of shoes I wear.
I’m not the things I hold or keep or the burdens that I bear.
I am the way I walk and the ones that walk with me.
I and thou are in and of a cosmic endless sea.

Still, I sit and wonder, why this time? why this place?
Should I stop and just give up or should I run the race?
I guess it doesn’t matter much the race or place or shoes.
I know one thing for certain; I came here to choose.

© Tom Puetz 2010

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